The Groom
ask-asylum-luna: She laid on the dusty old cot. She played with her hands. She decided to look around the room for a bit. 

*Outside on the corridor a loud thud could be heard. Another victim tried to escape from his fate and Gluskin’s hands. The groom kept beating him on and on till the unfortunate man died* There! Filthy whore, you tried to escape! *Angrily growled, leaving the corpse there before heading a seemingly empty room to look around* I smell fear..

blood-to-the-bride: *She nodded* I would just think that after so long a song would not be as *she thought for a moment* special as it was the first few times you hear it. But that is my opinion. 

Special.. *The groom repeated on neutral tone. More than likely the music drove him crazy after a while but by now he didn’t mind at all* I’m not bothered by this song, it reminds me of my own situation, makes me somehow happy whenever I hear it.

blood-to-the-bride: *She looked thoughtfully at the taller male and waited until he finished singing, enjoying his voice.* Have you ever wanted to sing something else Eddie? Like a different song? 

*Soon his pair of bloody eyes met hers. Another visitor? With neutral look, the man shrugged* Different song? Does exist anything else? Something better? *He put some emphasis on his last word. The groom was seriously so sick of the song, it drove him crazier, of course if it was possible* I love this song!

blood-to-the-bride: *She smiled lightly, the ghost of a wider smile on her face. She began to sing quietly.* When I was a boy my mother often said to me, get married boy and see how happy you will be~ 

*That song! Yet again. Deep inside the groom grew tired of it, the cursed song he used to listen got on his nerves but once you get used to it, you’re able to accept. Hearing the song for the millionth time he began singing* I have looked all over, but no girlie can I find, who seems to be just like the little girl I have in mind..

blood-to-the-bride: I suppose I could. Anything in particular you'd like me to sing? 

*With ear to ear grin the groom rubbed the back of his neck* Honestly no a song pop in my mind except the one I use to listen *With that the man began humming*

blood-to-the-bride: Not a problem dear. I am a fan of singing as well. 

Perhaps you can sing as well? I’ve been dreaming about my future wife is singing for our child.

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blood-to-the-bride: You have a lovely singing voice, Eddie. 

I’ve never been told, you know singing makes everything more tolerable. Thank you darling.

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neverending-strife: well, aren't you sweet. what then, do you suggest, would be a proper trade? 

Sweet? Darling I’m a grown man, barely can be called sweet.

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Anonymous: Hello love, I was wondering what would you do if Waylon Park stole your bride? 

Hmm. I’ll be sincere but this name is so vague in my mind, if you’d describe his look. Well, does it matter? I’d nevertheless twist his neck!

neverending-strife: what the favour is? why, it's for you to rip out the beating heart of our firstborn child! don't worry darling, we can always make another... 

I won’t let anything to happen with our child! Why would I do such a thing to a creature that’s my own flesh and blood?

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Anonymous: Mr. Gluskin, you know how most guys find it adorable/sexy whenever their lady wears their clothes (like a tshirt or something)? Does the same apply to you? For example, would you feel absolutely thrilled if your bride wore your vest or something? 

Not at all. A woman should wear her own dress, male clothes were made for men , they don’t make a woman attractive in my eyes.

neverending-strife: I can provide you what you want. What you need. All I ask for in return is... A little favour. 

Perhaps I’m going to regret but I dare to ask what would that favour be.

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Anonymous: Let me just.. I need to tell you a secret. Are you my friend? Silky. You look so silky. 

*Eddie knew this variant very well, he’s bumped into the groom several times. Yet, Gluskin wasn’t interested to make him to his wife. Growling annoyed pushed him away* Not you again…

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